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Viña del Mar

International - Mexican | Casual

The hotel's only self-serve restaurant will quickly dissipate any ill feelings you may have about buffet meals. The restaurant is located in the private beach club, with a commanding view of the Caribbean, as dive boats head back and forth to the coral reefs. The dining area faces west, offering a postcard-worthy view of the sunset each night. The dining area is housed in a large thatched-palm palapa, with artful décor and indirect lighting at night, creating an ambiance that's unmistakably tropical, but that could be at home as easily in Thailand or Tahiti as it is in Mexico. Breakfast features the freshest sweet breads, tropical fruits, smoked salmon, yogurts, granola, cereals, egg dishes, Mexican specialties and an omelet bar, plus a variety of fresh fruit juices some that you've probably never heard of before. Lunch features a large salad bar and rotating dishes of pasta, chicken, shrimp and other favorites. For dinner, guests will marvel at the variety of fresh salads and veggies, appetizers, sides and main courses, featuring seafood, beef, chicken and local, regional and international dishes. There are even theme parties, with special menus and elaborate décor, which help turn any night into something truly memorable. Open from 7am to 11pm.