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"Grupo Posadas", S.A. de C.V. (Posadas) guarantees that the sites it has on the international data network known as internet ("Internet"), particularly the ones it has on the World Wide Web ("web"), at which reservations may be made or booked for any of the hotels of Grupo Posadas, shall have or offer the best room rates. This guarantee applies to room reservations made at any of the Grupo Posadas hotels, which include: Fiesta Americana®, Fiesta Inn®, The Explorean®, Fiesta Americana Grand®, and Aqua® and One® Hotels. The Posadas World Wide Web sites include: posadas.com, fiestamericana.com, fiestainn.com, theexplorean.com. onehotels.com and those that have the following extensions: .com.mx, .com.br, .com.ar ("the Posadas websites"). In order for a claim to be valid under this guarantee, it must comply with all the Terms & Conditions referred to in this paragraph and be submitted in accordance with the Claim Processing procedures specified below. The Lowest Rate Guarantee means that Posadas shall guarantee that the rate offered on the Posadas websites ("the Posadas Rate") is the same or lower than any other means of making reservations at Grupo Posadas hotels, including the Call Center and/or agencies that have agreements allowing them to make reservations at Grupo Posadas hotels. Posadas will grant a bonus ("Lowest Rate Guarantee Bonus") on the found rate ("Competing Rate") equal to a discount of at least 25%, based on the Terms & Conditions.


How to apply the guarantee

The Lowest Rate Guarantee applies but is not limited to the published rate for an available room, that is: the same type of room (bed, view, amenities); at the same hotel; same lodging dates; same number of guests; same currency; and same reservation policies (payment, cancellation or modification terms). It also applies to rates found through any other means besides the Posadas websites, such as the Call Center and/or companies that have agreements that allow them to make reservations at Grupo Posadas hotels. The guarantee only applies to those reservations made through the Posadas websites. All Terms and Conditions set forth herein must be met.


Additional Charges to the Accommodation Rate

The Lowest Rate Guarantee does not apply to taxes, tips, supplements or any other Hotel or extra guest charge, nor to charges in addition to the room rate which may be applied at the Hotels of Grupo Posadas.

Multiple Night Accommodations

For multiple claims related to lodging consisting of two or more consecutive nights at the same hotel, each night shall be evaluated independently, and the Lowest Rate Guarantee shall be applied to the specific night(s) that meet(s) the conditions of these Terms & Conditions.

Service suppliers

The Lowest Rate Guarantee does not apply to the rate offered by any service suppliers known as "opaque suppliers", including but not limited to: priceline.com, hotwire.com, hoteles.com, hospedarse.com, despegar.com and preciobase.com. For purposes of this section, an opaque supplier is defined as any provider or supplier of hotel services, an entity or service that keeps the buyer or user of its services from obtaining information related to the available rooms at a hotel until said buyer or user has guaranteed payment ("Opaque Supplier"). A World Wide Web site is considered to be opaque if it fails to disclose any of the following:

1. The name of the hotel or hotel chain in which the room offered as available is located;

2. The exact location of the hotel where the room is available or the category to which the room belongs;

3. The identity, brand or other specific identification of hotel affiliation or hotel chain that will allegedly furnish said available room; and

4. Any other type of specific information that may disclose the identity of the hotel or hotel chain (for example, the exact name of the hotel restaurant, its commercial or geographical identification, etc.)

Package rates

The Lowest Rate Guarantee does not apply to package rates. Package rates include but are not limited to:

1. Hotel accommodations sold as part of a travel package and in which the hotel does not provide additional services including, but not limited to: airfare and/or car rental and/or cruises (all-inclusive travel packages and the like).

2.Hotel accommodations sold with value added amenities including complimentary breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner, and/or hotel parking.

Rates that are not published or promoted to the general public

The Lowest Rate Guarantee does not apply to rates that are not available for or offered to the general public. Rates that are not available for the general public include but are not limited to the following:

Negotiated rates

·       Any rate requiring membership of a club, affinity program or any other organization whose objective is to obtain certain rates for a specific group of people.

·      Deals offered specifically through printed or electronic means such as e-mails or newsletters.

·      Group, event or convention rates.

The staff of Posadas' Customer Service Department has the exclusive right and discretionary authority to determine the validity of any claim. Therefore, they may check the claims to see whether or not they are for the same hotel type and quality, room type and dates, and may also make sure that the claims comply with all the Terms and Conditions specified herein, as well as with the Claim Processing requirements described below.

Processing of claims

Customers interested in filing a claim under the Lowest Rate Guarantee, as the case may be, must send in their claim no later than 24 (twenty-four) hours after making and confirming a reservation through one of Grupo Posadas' web pages, as long as it is 48 (forty-eight) hours before the scheduled arrival date. The original reservation has to have been made through one of Grupo Posadas' websites and does not include reservations that were either changed or canceled. Under no circumstances shall Grupo Posadas be responsible for charges, refunds or expenses related to the cancellation of reservations made with or through third parties. To efficiently process the Lowest Rate Guarantee, claims must be made sending an email to sclientes@posadas.com. Clients will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the e-mail. Should the claim prove to be invalid, the Customer Service Department will e-mail the Client to inform him/her that the claim was rendered void .

Valid claim

After validating a claim, a Customer Service employee will contact the client by e-mail or other means, providing a reservation confirmation number and the new rate charged. If the client does not receive a confirmation from the Customer Service Department within 24 (twenty-four) hours after sending a claim, he/she may e-mail to sclientes@posadas.com to check the status of the claim.

Possible scenarios in which the Lowest Rate Guarantee is applied

If the client has already received confirmation of the Lowest Rate Guarantee, he/she must present it upon arrival and the hotel must charge the rate specified in the reservation (Discounted Rate), thereby immediately applying the guarantee.

Should the customer arrive at the hotel without having received a reply about the guarantee from the Customer Service Department:

·The receptionist will verify the status of the claim during Customer Service office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm, Mexico City time.

·Should the Customer Service Department report that the claim was not valid, the receptionist shall charge the rate confirmed in the customer's original reservation.

· If Customer Service is closed when the client registers, the receptionist will check the claim on the next business day and, if the claim is valid, the necessary adjustments will be made.

·If the client's visit does not coincide at all with the Customer Service Department's working hours, the hotel will charge the rate confirmed in the client's original reservation. The client must verify the status of their claim directly with Customer Service by sending an e-mail to: sclientes@posadas.com, within 10 calendar days. In the event that the claim is valid, Customer Service will issue a refund for the difference.    

Prepaid rates

In the event of a fully prepaid rate reserved through a Grupo Posadas website, the Customer Service Department shall reimburse or apply the difference to the credit card with which the customer made the payment¿if possible, within a period of 30 calendar days after the claim was presented. If a prepaid reservation is made through a room supplier of the competition or of anyone other than Posadas, then Posadas shall not be responsible for any charges related to the cancellation of said reservation.   


All brands owned or licensed by Posadas and that appear on the Posadas websites, are protected by law and by the corresponding copyright, in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Terms & Conditions section of each Posadas website ("Terminos y Condiciones" in Spanish; "Termos e Condições", in Portuguese; or in the section containing these provisions in any other language).   

Relationship with the General Terms and Conditions

Concerning the content of these Terms and Conditions as they apply to the Guaranteed Lowest Rate Guarantee, in general, they shall apply to all the related and applicable provisions contained in the section of Terms & Conditions ("Términos y Condiciones" in Spanish; "Termos e Condições" in Portuguese; or under the section containing these provisions in any other language) and Policies for Use ("Políticas de Uso" in Spanish; "Políticas" in Portuguese; or under the section containing these provisions in any other language) of each Posadas website.