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Acapulco is one of the most popular beach destinations in Mexico. The coastal magic is vibrant and alive day and night: Acapulco does not sleep. Of course, it stands out for its beautiful natural environment, the tropical climate, the warm water of the sea and the kindness of its people.

Offering fun activities for the whole family, Acapulco is known for its high-energy plethora of things to do. Admire the nocturnal performances of the clavadists in the Quebrada, a rock formation of 35 meters high on the seashore. Contemplate the mural of Diego Rivera, the feathered snake, in the house of the winds. Visit the Fuerte de San Diego Museum to explore the rich history and heritage of the area. Surprise yourself with the fabulous view of the sea in Barra Vieja, where you can enjoy horseback riding and an adventure in all-terrain vehicles. He treasures the incredible sunsets in the Laguna de Coyuca, which also has an incredible wildlife and bird-watching opportunities. Or share a walk over foot of the slope, accompanied by the relaxing rhythm of the sea.

Local attractions

Aerial view of Pie De La Cuesta near  IOH Freestyle Hotels

Pie de la Cuesta

Visit this interesting community near the Coyuca Lagoon.

La Quebrada by the beach near Grand Fiesta Americana Hotel

La Quebrada

Be amazed by the most famous tourist attraction in Acapulco. Live a unique show where professional divers jump from the famous Quebrada. The formation of this group dates from the year 1934

Cathedral of El Zocalo de Acapulco near Grand Fiesta Americana

Zocalo de Acapulco

Save a moment to see the incredible Plaza Álvarez de Acapulco.

Aerial view of Pentagon Museum near Grand Fiesta Americana

Museo Histórico de Acapulco Fuerte de San Diego

Visit the interesting Acapulco Historical Museum dating from the 17th century.

Aerial view near Fiesta Americana Hotels

La Roqueta

In Acapulco, you cannot miss a visit to La Roqueta, an island in which there is a protected area with tropical fauna and flora.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro near Fiesta Americana Hotels

El fuerte de San Diego

El fuerte de San Diego is a maritime fortification of Italian design.

Playa Isla Catalina Beach view near Fiesta Americana Hotels

Playa Icacos

Playa Icacos is one of the most famous and crowded beaches in the port of Acapulco.

Close-up of the helm of a ship at sea, Fiesta Americana Hotels

La Condesa

La Condesa is one of the most popular and crowded beaches in the port of Acapulco.

Local events

Couple clasping glasses at Fiesta Americana Hotels

Romantic dinner

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