Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies

With the Central Commissions Payment Program, we can consolidate and centralize monthly commission payments for individual bookings made during the month for your agency, ensuring easy and timely payment.

To be part of our Agencies Catalog, we invite you to send us your agency details and / or update your information (if your agency has already been registered) by completing the "Agency Registration & Update" form.

To receive your commissions, it is very important to include your IATA or TIDS number when making your reservation. You can provide it to our Central Reservation Agent, include it in the GDS used by your agency, or enter it in the appropriate field in the of "Agency Registration & Update" form.

Managing your Central Commissions Payment is easy:

1. Your travel agent receives a single payment for all individual bookings with commissionable rates that have been made during the month in any of our hotels.

2. Each booking is recorded directly to your agency to generate 10% commission for each booking.

3. For the payment of commissions for individual reservations, it is not necessary to issue an invoice; our system automatically calculates the amount to pay.

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