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Peninsula restaurant, the best food from the seas is served: shellfish, shrimp, salads, seviche, wraps, pasta, and even some beef cuts for enjoying on a buffet or à la carte. At Peninsula by night, the kitchen becomes a sublime scenario featuring an author cuisine created by Chef Gerardo Rivera and masterfully played by Chef Jorge Mendieta. A cuisine so unique it has been branded its own name: Pacific Green.


Rosato is located in the second storey, next to the Groups and Conventions rooms. With an astonishing beach and swimming pool view, this area offers a warm, elegant and relaxing ambiance, perfect for savoring a northern Italy cuisine, à la carte.

Viña del Mar

Viña Del Mar is a restaurant in a relaxed and casual atmosphere reminding of the traditional Baja California vineyards. An open-air space for enjoying the best world cuisine, a feast of unmatched scents and flavors.

Fire Pit Bar

The Fire Pit Bar will combine sensuality and the best ambience into a memorable epicurean experience, with live music and a bonfire under a starlit sky.

Bikini Bar

A meeting place, with stimulating thirst-quenching drinks.
Open from 12:00 to 18:00 hrs.
Fiesta Americana
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