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Among all of the options at your disposal when setting up a vacation at a Hotel in Veracruz Mexico, Fiesta Americana can truly offer you an experience that is worth every penny. There are a lot of great places to visit in Mexico, from Cancun to Cozumel. Each region has its charm, and each one brings different things to the table when it comes to a vacation experience. If you are interested in taking a trip that includes amazing archeological sites and is rich in history, Veracruz is the place for you. And when you choose Fiesta Americana, you know that you are going to get a vacation that you are certain to enjoy to its fullest potential. There are many different resorts in Mexico, but only Fiesta Americana's Hotel in Veracruz Mexico offers such an incredible value at a very reasonable price.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the region when you stay at their Hotel in Veracruz Mexico. During the day, you can visit historical settings that will transport you back in time. For history buffs, Veracruz is a must. Tourists come from all over the world to visit the Veracruz Cathedral. Built around the start of the 19th century in a spot where a 17th century parish church had been located before that, the Nuestra Senora de las Asuncion Cathedral is an amazing peace of history located in the heart of Veracruz. Just walking around the landmark makes your mind wonder about all of the people who have been there before you. Not many places in the world have such a storied past, making it a great place not only for adults, but for children as well.

Zocalo is in the center of the port, where guests can find the main plaza amidst a beautiful garden with a gorgeous fountain in the middle. Take a stroll during the day, or watch a traditional dance called the danzon once night falls. Either way, be sure you bring your camera, as you will be able to take some pretty amazing pictures to bring back home and show your friends.

Another building with a lot of history is the Palacio Municipal. Though it was built way back in 1608, it is one of the most well-preserved buildings in the entire city. The baroque-style building was initially built in order to house the town council, but has since become one of the prize landmarks in Veracruz. Tourists from the all over the world make the trip to Fiesta Americana and stay at their Hotel in Veracruz Mexico in order see the Palacio Municipal, enjoy the central patio, and climb up its famous tower.

The Civil Registry was built back in 1860. An impressive colonial style building, it houses the first birth certificate that was ever recorded in the region, that of Benito Juarez's daughter. To this day, guests can still observe copies of this ancient document in the hall of the building.

El Baluarte de Santiago is a military structure that is sure to impress. Building started in the late 17th century and ended during the start of the 18th, making it another classic landmark. As soon as you lay your eyes on the twelve cannons and medieval-style tower, you will know why it is such a hot spot for tourists. It was built for the purpose of defending Veracruz from pirate attacks, adding another rich layer of history. Once inside, guests can marvel at old weapons that were held over from the Conquest as well as other priceless items culled from shipwrecked Spanish boats.

San Juan de Ulúa is a castle that dates back to 1519. It was built as protection for the port initially, although over the years it changed into barracks, and later into a prison for infamous historical personalities like Chucho el Roto. It is named after Captain Juna de Grijalva, as well as a Spanish misunderstanding of the word "culua," which indigenous people used to yell when boats went by.

Besides the amazing archeological sites, guests who stay at the Fiesta Americana hotel in Veracruz Mexico will also be treated to a number of outstanding restaurants. As we all know, food is a key part of Mexican culture, and Veracruz has some of the best cuisine that the country has to offer. For regional cuisine, you have Las Barricas, La Viuda, and Samborcito. For guests staying at the Fiesta Americana Hotel in Veracruz Mexico who have a taste for seafood, there is also Villa Rica and La Fuente de Mariscos. No matter what dining option you decide on, you are sure to enjoy delicious meals all throughout your stay.

As for night life, there are multiple options for guests staying in a Hotel in Veracruz Mexico. For young people, the Classico del Puerto is a hot spot. Here, tourists and locals can dance the night away to a wide range of music like electronica and salsa. There are also staged shows to keep you entertained. La Bartola is a popular hang out with an amazing circular bar in the center where locals go to dance to the top hits. If you want to take a time warp back to the 70s and 80s, Moon Bar is just what you are looking for. An old house on the beach, the clientele are mainly ages twenty-five and up. For the best DJ music in Veracruz, its got to be Pure Veracruz. Not only is the location beautiful, but so are the patrons. If live music is more your cup of tea, La Casona de la Condesa is right up your alley. Guests are encouraged to sing along with the live bands, and everyone always has a great time.

Fiesta Americana is the premiere Hotel in Veracruz Mexico. For such an affordable price tag, you cannot beat the experience that they provide their guests. If you want to schedule a vacation that you will be able to remember for the rest of your life, Fiesta Americana is your best bet. There is no better way to enjoy the history and culture of one of Mexico's most ancient cities. The architecture is beautiful, the food is exquisite, and the night life is exciting. Veracruz has everything that you could want from a great Mexican vacation.


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