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Jalisco is one of the states that has contributed the most to enrich Mexican cuisine. The region's geographical and climatic conditions promote agriculture and ranching. For this reason, there's a rich diversity of resources that are used to create exquisite dishes. The food typical of Jalisco dates back to colonial times, when the pre-Hispanic and European cultures combined.

Restaurants in Guadalajara offer a delicious fusion of tastes that will please even the most discerning palates. First-class restaurants featuring top chefs in Jaliscan cuisine prepare traditional dishes such as manchamanteles, a chili and fruit mole; lengua en pipián, tongue cooked in a thick chili sauce; lomo adobado, a spicy pork loin; and the very traditional birria de carnero, slow-steamed meat with mild chili seasoning. You'll be able to enjoy a deliciously red Guadalajaran pozole, which is a soup made with hominy. In every corner of the city, you'll find tortas ahogadas, or sandwiches covered in chili sauce, topped with spicy salsa and red onions.

For those with a sweet tooth, there's a wide range of sweets, including dulce de arrayán, a chewy, sugar-coated sweet made from tangy berries; and ate de cajeta and jericalla, caramel-like sweets made with milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla. Some of the traditional drinks include escamochas, a fruit-based drink; tepache, a pineapple beer; and the ever-famous tequila.

The complexity of the local cuisine is complemented by the best elements of international cuisine. The most demanding diners can enjoy their choice of hundreds of dishes, prepared by top chefs. It's a true delight to eat in this sophisticated city, and without a doubt, it will inspire you to return again and again.

Guadalajara represents all that is Mexican, with its impressive historical buildings, the typical Mariachis, its rodeos, handicrafts and delicious dishes: manchamanteles, birria de carnero (slow-steamed lamb) and pozole rojo. Don't forget to visit the Cathedral, Degollado Theater and the Cabañas Cultural Institute, or simply go shopping, enjoy the nightlife, play golf or tennis.

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