Fiesta Americana destinations

Hotels in Acapulco
With an exceptionally good climate year-round and its beautiful beaches, Acapulco is the ideal destination for families, couples or friends. Here, you will be seduced by the nightlife or delight in the regional gastronomic offerings.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Acapulco

Hotels in Aguascalientes
Aguascalientes offers visitors a wide range of attractions like the Ojo Caliente thermal baths, the stone buildings found around its historical center, and the gardens of San Marcos that surround the famous San Marcos Church.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Aguascalientes

Hotels in Cancún
Glamorous, magical, heavenly. Cancun touches the senses with the charm of the Caribbean and different fun alternatives: the fine sandy beaches, turquoise sea, regional and international gastronomic offerings.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Cancún

Hotels in Cozumel
This island's natural surroundings offer opportunities for activities like scuba diving or snorkeling. Here you'll find the second largest coral reef in the world, Mayan archaeological sites, and natural parks like the Cozumel Reefs Park.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Cozumel

Hotels in Cuernavaca
Just 15 minutes from Cuernavaca is Xochitepec, a place boasting an excellent climate and abundance of water that is home to numerous hotels, hot springs, and recreation areas.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Cuernavaca

Hotels in Guadalajara
Guadalajara represents all that is Mexican, with its impressive historical buildings, the typical Mariachis, its rodeos, handicrafts and delicious dishes: manchamanteles, birria de carnero and pozole rojo.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Guadalajara

Hotels in Hermosillo
Warm and friendly Hermosillo is a travel destination made for activities like hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking and water sports in the Sea of Cortes. Carne asada, or grilled beef, is the specialty here.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Hermosillo

The capital of Mexico is a city of ancient origins and it is recognized as the largest city in the world. It is a metropolis with financial, political and vast cultural centers that offer many recreational activities. It has monuments, parks, and more.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en MEXICO CITY

Hotels in Merida
Merida, known as the "White City", was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. It is a destination for travelers of all sorts, where culture goes hand-in-hand with entertainment. It has museums, theaters and cultural centers.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Merida

Hotels in Monterrey
A modern city full of charming options, a frequent destination for business and now more than ever a pleasure destination. Visit the Fundidora Park, the Old Town, admire the Cerro de la Silla or savor a delicious grilled meat dish.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Monterrey

Hotels in Puerto Vallarta
This picturesque town located between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre Mountains has become the sixth most popular travel destination in the world. It offers beautiful beaches, cultural activities, water sports and bars.

Puerto Vallarta

Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Puerto Vallarta

Hotels in Queretaro
The historical importance of this city is reflected everywhere you look. Surrounded by history dating back to colonial times, today it offers large natural areas perfect for activities like hot-air ballooning, paragliding and mountain climbing.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Queretaro

Hotels in Veracruz
Colorful and lively, Veracruz is a destination that tells its history through its Cathedral, the San Juan de Ulúa fort, its historical center and archaeological sites. Visitors should try an exquisite coffee drink from the famous Café La Parroquia.


Hoteles Fiesta Americana en Veracruz