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El Parián

A proud symbol of Aguascalientes, this shopping mall was built in 1829 and rebuilt in 1952. Its last renovation was in 1985. It has five levels on which you can find the best stores, internet cafes, pharmacies, furniture stores, opticians, cafes, ice cream stores, printing stores, travel agencies and other services.

Expo Plaza

This shopping mall was opened as part of a project for improving the fair perimeter. It has a large variety of stores and services including: stationery, handicrafts, boutiques, footwear, cafes, video games, food and drink areas, movie theater and an event room.


This shopping mall is located at the north of the city and has a 10-screen movie theater. Among its establishments, you will find a messaging service, food and drink area, clothing and footwear stores, gift stores, opticians, toy stores, florists, perfumeries, sports stores, decoration stores, department stores and self-service stores.

Plaza Vestir

This shopping mall came about in 1977 as a result of the concerns of various business people of the state, as a support and strengthening measure for the textile and clothing industry. Today, it has a range of stores with embroidered items, knitwear, linens and general clothing for the whole family. It has cafes, silversmiths and gift stores.

Calle Nieto

This is one of the most traditional streets in Aguascalientes. Located in the Historical Center, shoppers come every day from different parts of the country in search of the most typical products of the state. The embroidery, lace and knitwear; the fashionable clothing, sheets, tablecloths, blankets and many other fabrics are all found on this famous street.

Fiesta Americana
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